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Hangin out in our freshies…



Oh man, and the WODs keep coming.  Lots of gymnastics this year.  Who’s up for the challenge?


NC Lab. Week 33. Wednesday.


5 Rounds

1 Min Row Sub 1:45/2:00 Pace

1 Min Airdyne keep above 70/65 RPM

1 Min Ski Erg Sub 1:55/2:10 Pace



Strict Handstand Push Up

Front Squat 195/125



Work on legless rope climbs


6 Responses to “Stakes is High”

    • Miranda Oldroyd

      Yes. This is the exact programmed workout from Regionals.

  1. Anthony

    love playing around with legless rope climbs. Decided to cook up this nice burner today and figured you guys could do a number on it…

    8 min AMRAP
    1 rope climb
    7 shoulder to overhead 135#

    I got 9+3 s2o.

    Keep it real.

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