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Pic was taken by my teammate Jen Zambruno, who had to meet Coach Chris at the track yesterday at 6am to get her mile time trial in before work.  So rad.


Speaking of Coach Chris….he whipped up some good stuff for everyone today.


Vivendi Lab. Week 16. Thursday.


Aerobic Threshold/Strength Endurance Row Workout

Part 1:  3x3000m (see details below) w/ 5min rest b/t reps


Workout Details: Alternate tempo for each 3000m interval

500m ON, 500m OFF, 400m ON, 400m OFF, 300m ON, 300m OFF, 200m ON, 200m OFF, 100m ON, 100m OFF
Part 1:  Pacing
“ON” target pace:  5-8sec/500 slower than your 2k PR time
“OFF” target pace:  25-30sec/500m slower than your 2k PR time

Part 2:  Perform within 10min after finishing Part 1 

5 rounds

6x Overhead walking (3ea leg) lunge (135/95lbs)

9x Weighted back rack broad jumps (135/95lbs)

12x Single leg (6ea leg) box jumps (10″/8″).

200m row (max effort sprint)

3min rest b/t rounds


Interval Run Workout

4 rounds:  600m, 200m

1min rest b/t reps

4min rest b/t rounds

Total:  3200m

Workout Pacing:  The opening round pacing for this workout should be slightly faster than your mile goal time.  As example, Rich Froning targeted the following:

600m in 2:03 (20.5sec/100m)

Rd 1:  200m in 41sec

Rd 2:  200m in 40sec

Rd 3:  200m in 39sec

Rd 4:  200m in 38sec



Swim Workout

3×100 swim free w/ 60sec rest

8×50 w/ fins (odd w/ board/even w/o board) w/ 30sec rest

3×100 swim free w/ 60sec rest

6×50 pull w/ 30sec rest

3×100 swim free w/ 60sec rest

4×50 swim w/ fins (25 no breathing/25 easy) w/ 60sec rest.

Total:  1800


Interval Row Workout

4x1200m (500m, 400m, 300m)

40sec rest b/t reps & 5min rest b/t sets


Workout Target Pacing:  3-5sec/500m slower than your 2000m PR


Workout Details:  Treat the opening 500m a warm-up (slightly above the pace range).  The 1st set 400m & 300m should be within the range.  The core of this workout is the 3rd set.  Push your pace near (or below) the low end of the range.  The forth set should not be your fastest – just keep in within the range. 

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  1. Ryan

    Thanks Chris! I am an athlete from canada east and I do every row workout that is posted . I just wanted to say thank you for making me a better crossfitter and thank you for the ncc crew for sharing!

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