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Garret stopped by CrossFit Madera’s Grand Opening today!



NC Lab. Week 32. Sunday.


EMOM 10 Min

10 Pull Ups

10 Push Ups

10 Squats


With a partner

10 Rounds (each) For Time

5 Clean and Jerks with an Axle Bar 135/95

6 Overhead Walking Lunge Steps


Accumulate 5 Min in a Plank




3 Responses to “Things Fall Apart”

  1. Trey W.

    Are the overhead lunge steps with the same weight as the clean and jerks?? Keep up the good work, you guys are Awesome!!

  2. Corey Stanberry

    Ironic WOD name coupled with a photo of a grand opening. Awesome WOD though, its always fun to mix it up with a partner.

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