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Dave Lipson.


Dave is not just Camille’s husband.  He is an awesome athlete and coach that I have worked with for a long time on the CrossFit Seminar Staff.


Today’s workout is a throwback.  I originally posted this in December of last year.  The bench press portion of the workout came from Dave and it is pretty horrendous.  Ought to be fun after all of those push ups!


Been meaning to go back through the archived workouts and tag them and categorize them so you can find them in the search.  I am flying to Hawaii tomorrow with Progenex, so maybe I can make myself useful on that flight….


Vivendi Lab. Week 7. Tuesday.


Front Squat

7 x 3


Bench Press

(the following came to us from Dave Lipson…not sure where he got it)

With 50% of your 1 Rep unrack and do the following without any re-racking…

3 Bench Press

30 Second Hold at the top

3 Bench Press

30 Second hold at the top

3 Bench Press

30 Second hold at the top

Rack it.

Rest about 2-3 Min

Go up to 60% and repeat

Then go up to 70% and repeat.


12 Min AMRAP

Run 200

12 Dumbbell Push Press 50/35

12 Ring Rows

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