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Speal hitting part of today’s workout at the 2010 Regionals!


Grabbed some good stuff from old school today.  All of this stuff was posted on in November 2011.  First time we saw the Overhead Squat/Double Under was at Regionals in 2010….but ONLY at the NorthWest region.  That year, each regional director got to program their own regional!!


Vivendi Lab. Week 4. Tuesday.





3 Rounds for TIme

10 Overhead Squats 135/95

50 Double Unders


Speal in 2010: 2:39


Row 2000 Meters for Time




No specific percentages or anything on the snatches.  Just go with how you feel.  You don’t need to hold onto it in order for it to count as a set of 2-3, but you do need to reset quickly if you drop it.


On the workout for time choose a weight and a number or style of double unders that allows you to finish in under 10 min.  These overhead squats don’t necessarily need to be unbroken, but not broken TOO much.  If you are still working on double unders you can lower the number OR allow yourself to count attempts….not both.





6 Responses to “Throwback to 2010 Regionals”

  1. Chris H

    Snatc-Worked upto a power snatch of 155, can full snatch more but decided to do power.

    3 Rds-135 ohs an 50 dubs Rx-5:36
    Scared to know what Spealler can do now for this wod.

    2K row-7:27.4 about 23secs off of my Pr pace. I took a 5 minute rest inbetween each wod.

  2. jt

    Snatch work
    Sarah mclachlan causes no reps

    No rest
    2k 7:27

  3. Tyler Wright

    WOD- 3:15 Rx
    Shoulders were pretty tore up from the bench and weighted pull-ups for strength and the WOD this A.M.
    Then about a 4 min mandatory rest due to the rowers being occupied. I’m kinda glad though cause it has been a while since I’ve hit anything more than 1k on the rower.
    2k Row- 7:34

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