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This was one of my ALL TIME favorite regional events.  Check out the vintage footage of Khalipa setting a world Record and a “not too shabby” third place time set by yours truly….

It’s Halloween!  Hopefully you have plans….so get in, get this done quick and get out and live your life!  It’s part of the Vivendi Lab program and lifestyle to do so…


Tomorrow is going to be a Sam Briggs beatdown, so you will need the R&R.


Vivendi Lab. Week 2. Friday.


10 Min Handstand Walk Practice


2012 Regionals Event 2

Row 2000 Meters

50 Pistols (alternating legs)

30 Hang Cleans 225/135


Accumulate 5 Min L Sit



If you struggle with pistols there are ways to scale them….OTHER than elevating your heel.  Try holding on to something, like a ring or the post on your pull up structure.


Choose a weight on the clean where you know you can do at least 5 fresh.  A weight where you don’t think you will ever have to really go to singles necessarily.


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  1. Chris H

    So I did a 1000 meter row this morning before the correction was made and it was still hard! Good variation of Jackie I guess. Time was 15:28, pistols light me up after the row. Used 165 for hang cleans, intensity was up, I figure if I used 185 I would be doing singles. I can’t handstand walk yet, so this was some good practice.

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