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Choosing the picture for the first official post of the Vivendi Lab stressed me out a little – until I saw this one.  I can’t think of a pic, or a group of people, that could sum up what the new direction of what the site is all about more than this one.  Modus Vivendi means lifestyle or a way of life and these people embody just what the Vivendi Lab way of life is ALL about.


The site in many ways is the same. There is now the addition of more coaches, athletes, coaching and scaling advice and videos.  The goal is always for the theme of “work hard, play hard” to resonate and to remember that the most important results in training are the way it can shape your character and the friendships and community that will be built by shared suffering.


I felt it was time to include more than just high level athletes in the fun.  PLEASE visit the ABOUT page to read more about the changes to the site and where I am getting the workouts etc.


Now….about today’s workout….


It’s Monday.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


Vivendi Lab. Week 1. Monday.


Monday Monster Mash from Pat Sherwood @sherwood215 and CrossFit Linchpin


Start at 0:00

3-4-5-4-3For Time:

Muscle Ups

Squat Snatch 155/105


Start at 20:00

3 Rounds for Time of

21 Wall Balls

14 Handstand Push Ups

7 Deadlifts 315/205


Start at 40:00

3 Rounds for Time 

400 M Run

20 Clean and Jerks 95/65




The Monday Monster Mash is designed as a kick in the butt…straight up.  If you are new to CrossFit you may want to pick 1-2 parts and just do those before diving into the WHOLE Mash.  With that said one of the main reasons that people LOVE the Mash is FOR the beatdown.  So if you are going to do the whole thing…let’s AT LEAST make sure you do it right.  If you are taking too long on any of the 3 parts of the Mash, you are actually not achieving the intended stimulus.  Check your ego at the door…check these scaling and timing suggestions and get a better workout (therefore get fitter in the long run) by hitting the Mash with the appropriate level of intensity “GAS PEDAL, GAS PEDAL”


Part 1 this week should be finished under 10 min with some of the faster times closer to 5.  If you are NEW to muscle ups lower the reps to 2 every round.  If you don’t have them at all, work that transition by completing jumping muscle ups.  Don’t have strong pull ups and dips yet? Hit 2x pull ups and 2x ring dips per muscle up on this workout.  You know the deal with the squat snatch.  Lower the weight if that weight is not going to allow you to finish in under 10 min.  If you are terrible at the squat snatch, DO NOT switch it to a power.  Work that squat!


Part 2 will be sub 6 for solid athletes, but also NEEDS to be finished under 10.  Lower the dead weight to a weight that is heavy but manageable pretty much unbroken all 3 rounds.  Pike on a box for the HSPU if you need to or lower the number a bit and do them against the wall. I am against using a bunch of abmats to shorten range of motion.  If you can’t go all the way down…use the box.


Part 3 is the part that will terrify the best athletes in your gym.  The high rep clean and jerk at that weight will be CRIPPLING!!  And awesome.  Keep it.  Go for it.  Don’t hold back.


DO NOT SHORTEN THE REST.  If you hit the Monster Mash properly you will NEED all the rest you can get in order to go full out again on the next part.


Have fun and post time and scales to comments!!

9 Responses to “Way of Life”

  1. Liam tattersall

    Been following your workouts for a few months now, they are awesome. Looking forward to see what’s to come!

  2. sami palmer

    When it says clean on your web sight does it always mean squat clean or can you choose between power or full?

  3. Bryan Mashburn

    I was just talking the other day that the Main Site should start putting their intended time domains for each workout so coaches or athletes could know if they needed to scale. Guess you had me beat. Great job on the site it looks awesome.

  4. Chris

    First off sick pic! Awesome mash up part A was a good burner although it took me just under 8 min….second wod hspu destroyed me for some reason all the athletes hitting this in or around the 6 minute mark is pretty sweet my old ass barely made it under 10. The last wod I knew would be the worst and it was and then some that one really hurt. Thanks again for all the work you do on the site and enabling us to share your workouts. This site is great sort of back to old school CrossFit with a bunch of friends coming together throwing workouts up and seeing what happens love it!

  5. Zac Lewis

    First Mash for me. I didn’t complete any of the parts under 10 min, but don’t know how I could have scaled any more.

    Part 1: Rx – 10:11
    Part 2: 12:08 (DL @300lb)
    Part 3: Rx – 15:58 (400s pushed me down and took my lunch money)

  6. Chris H

    Great job to the website the past year! Been following the website since you started and I even made it out for the NCLab tour this year, which was awesome! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us from here on out!! Keep up the great work!!

  7. Ondrej

    A – 8:02 RX
    B – 7:35 (2 pood KB Swing instead of DLs, I am on Wendler and did DLs yesterday)
    C – 9:54 RX (last set was unbroken, my head was screaming, continue, continue, don´t put it down, it was worth)

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