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This crew has been hanging out for the past 5 days. They are so bad ass and have pushed each other to do some amazing things.  They are putting together some really sweet videos that I can’t wait to see and post here.


Vivendi Lab. Week 15. Tuesday.







5 Rounds, each for time:

20 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

30 Wall Balls 20/14

40 Push Ups

Rest 3 Min


50 GHD Sit Ups for Time



Try to go up in weight on each set of the deadlift.


Choose a # of chest to bars that you can do in 1-2 sets.  Push it.  If it ends up being 3, that’s ok, but more than 3 is too much rest.

Go to your knees on the push ups if they start to get really broken up.

DO NOT cut out the rest on this workout.




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