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Zack Ruhl

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Zack is one of my favorite athletes.  Not just because he is a bad ass adaptive athlete who refuses to quit, but also because he is fun and funny.  He is always having a good time, trying new things and cheering on others.


Another golden opportunity to crush it today from Pat Sherwood and CrossFit Linchpin….with a little gymnastics work from me!


Vivendi Lab. Week 16. Wednesday.


5 Rounds

3 Strict Muscle Ups INTO

5 Kipping Muscle Ups

Rest as needed between rounds.


Death by Thrusters


Min 1 do 1 Thruster

Min 2 do 2 Thrusters

Min 3 do 3 Thrusters…..

Until you DIE!!  Ha! Until you can’t make it in the minute anymore.



Use a weight that is just slightly heavier than you would use to try to get a 7 min or less Fran. Something you could definitely do 15 reps in a row with fresh.


(scale the numbers if you need to 1 and 3, or 2 and 4)


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  1. Chelsea

    A) work up to a heavy 2 DL stopped after 285#
    B) thruster wod 14 rounds + 13
    C) 30 strict chest to ring pull-ups

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