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A day of training for Rory Zambard…some help with demo by Mason Alderman.


Rory Zambard is a beast.  Not only is she a beast, but she does all of her own programming.  Not many athletes can program for themselves and still manage to hit their weaknesses the way they need to.  Rory is also REALLY smart.  She works on the CrossFit Level 1 team and is a self proclaimed nerd.  Today’s programming is just a regular day for her in the gym.  It’s cool to see the volume of one of the best athletes in the world.


It’s also cool to see that a 7 year old can do the same workouts as some of his CrossFit heroes.


This workout was filmed while I was in Vegas for the Team Series on Mason’s 7th birthday.  He has been CrossFitting pretty much his whole life, following in the footsteps of his awesome dad – Ben.  Mason loves this stuff and was quoted on IG recently saying “I’m not interested in dancing, I’m interested in snatching.”


This won’t be the last you see of either Mason or Rory on Vivendi.


Meanwhile, check them out on IG.

Rory – @rzambard

Mason – @ironmile_mason and @crossfitironmile


Vivendi Lab. Week 1. Wednesday.


20 Strict Muscle Ups for Time

Right into…

20 Kipping Muscle Ups for TIme



Deadlift 225/155



Front Squat 155/105



Finish with:

3x 1 Min Plank Hold (add weight if you can)




First Part:  

This is about improving your muscle ups and if you have muscle ups exhausting your pull with the strict ones then practicing your kip.  If you are new to muscle ups all together do 20 for time.  If you have kipping but not strict work on that.  Try doing some strict ones with a band.  Don’t have muscle ups at all?  Practice transitions and Ring Pull Ups and Ring dips.  All in all basically work your muscle ups for 15 min continuous.


Second Part:

The deadlift and front squat weight should be moderate but annoying for that many reps.  If you are thinking to yourself “I could do the 30 in a row, but I don’t know that it’s a good idea or that I want to”  that’s probably the right weight.  All in all don’t allow this workout to take you more than 25 total minutes.


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  1. Jose

    Do we rest at all when we finish the deadlifts and burpees or go right into front and burpees?

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